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Load Resistor Set


Ships within 24 hours

This harness will fix the flickering light or bulb out issues that are common on most European cars (BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Volvo/VW) and some American cars (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep).

The flickering or light out error is caused by a perceived malfunction in the car's ECU. Factory halogen bulbs operate at 55 watts and when the ECU detects a deviation in wattage, it will cut power to the light. LED operate at a lower wattage, so when an LED or HID kit is installed without a canceler, the ECU will interpret the lower wattage and reduce power, resulting in the flickering effect or hyperflash on some LEDS. Additionally, it can cause an error light to illuminate on the dash because of the perceived malfunction.

These are sold in pairs.

Installation is simple and the necessary clips are included with the kit.